Ablation Cooled Laser Processing

In this newly discovered processing regime, to circumvent the limitations of current processing techniques, we adapted ablation cooling; a method routinely used in aerospace engineering, especially for the re-entry of rockets into the atmosphere. Thanks to this mechanism, thermal energy contained in the ablated portion are removed with the ablated mass, thus reducing average temperature of the remaining material. We achieve this new ultrafast laser processing regime by applying extremely high repetition rate pulses (hundreds of MHz to GHz-range, depending on the material’s thermal coefficients) to ablate the target material before the residual heat deposited by previous pulses diffuses away from the targeted region. Our experimental results obtained with nine different materials so far indicate that we can increase the ablation efficiency/speed by 10 – 100 times, despite reducing individual pulse energies by ~1000 times, to sub-µJ levels, while simultaneously reducing thermal effects. We also obtained thermal-damage-free removal of brain tissue at two cubic millimetres per minute and dentine at three cubic millimetres per minute, relevant to mechanical speeds.


As Omegon North Technologies, we would like to stimulate our minds and steer our expertise to the vast new sea of possibilities, which were impossible to dream before, such as:


  • Minimally invasive ultrafast laser surgeries,

  • Neurosurgical and ophthalmological applications,

  • Dental applications without anesthesia,

  • Any possible intravenous or capillary related surgeries,

  • A new era in Si and similar fundamental substrate processing for


            Solar Cells,


            Lab on chips,

            Lab in fibers,

            Biomedical implant processing,

            Microfluidic applications,

            Materials which are hard to process with conventional methods



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