IP-based voice communications system

It is a flexible and cost-effective solution for all size civil and military ATC voice communications needs.

Single Voice Communication Solutions

Our collaborating company "ONUR” is an independent contractor specializing in the development, manufacture, integration and through-life support primarily in three business areas:


  • IP Based Communication Solutions

  • Air Traffic Management Solutions

  • Meteorological Systems


Within the scope of software development, we have significant software development capabilities including; Mission critical communication system design, adaptation of legacy system into IP networks, Operator Displays, Voice and Data Communication and Recording Systems, Radio Over IP Systems, Voice Over IP Systems, Training and Simulation Systems and RF Systems.


ONUR has extensive experience in the integration & installation of specializing communications and electronic systems, radars, air traffic control equipment, sensors for use in demanding military and security environments.


You can find ONUR website at www.onur.net